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I have experienced Jackie's work as both a Pilates instructor and a massage therapist and I must say not only does she excel at both but she is a true professional with an immense knowledge base on how the body works. As a Pilates instructor Jackie is EXTREMELY patient. I was new to Pilate and instead of getting frustrated when I couldn't follow her directions she thought of new ways to explain the move to me until I understood. Her patience and perseverance with me proved beneficial, I saw a positive change in my body in no time. As a massage therapist Jackie truly shines above the rest; she creates a peaceful sanctuary and her touch is intuitive. An hour on her massage table a little slice of heaven but even afterwards her magic is felt: muscle aches are gone and you feel invigorated and peaceful at the same time. Jackie talents truly enhance both ones physical and spiritual life.

Simone Zappa, BSN, MBA Director of Medical Affairs-NYC Hospital

Ms Herbach and I worked together at a major NYC hospital, where I had the unique opportunity to observe her professional skill with patients and clients. I also had the opportunity to experience her work first hand when she gave me treatment. She is not only a skillful and compassionate massage therapist, but allows her skills as a social worker, hypnotherapist and writer to inform all her work. Her work and presence is a gift to all of us. Thank you Jackie!

Jan Koehler, Licensed Massage Therapist, NYC

Jackie Herbach is a friend and colleague extraordinaire. She is a dedicated professional in tune with her clients' needs. She listens with patience and understanding and answers with a remedy that feels like a warm embrace.

Many times, Jackie has quietly sensed my struggles and guided me towards awareness. Ever gracious, she does not rush or push, acknowledging and respecting everyone's individual process.

You will find in Jackie a caring, sincere, and creative source of unending love and support.

Chi Chau, M.D., NYC

Jackie is amazing!! She utilizes her loving sensitivity, extensive experience, training and knowledge to create a unique and seamless treatment that is totally complete and works at the deepest level. I remember one treatment in particular when I was under a lot of stress and had strained my lower back as soon as I sat down her grounded and soothing way helped me to start to feel calmer and relax. We worked on every level first chatting a bit then she taught me some Pilates exercises to help strengthen my back and ended with the most amazing massage I have ever had. She has created a technique of giving an energetic treatment infused massage that I have never experienced before or since the result is quite amazing!! I felt so good, so grounded and relaxed. The pain was gone! I left with feeling light, happy, and at peace.

Christina Fortin, Qi Gong Practitioner, Centerport, NY

I don't usually get massages, but decided to treat myself to one. When I first met Jackie she asked me if any part of my body was bothering me. I told her that my neck and shoulders always bother me and feel tight. As an afterthought I mentioned that I have chronic sinus headaches.

Once Jackie started massaging me I relaxed and floated into a state of bliss. Toward the end of the massage, Jackie explained to me that she was going to do some work on my toes to help me with my sinuses. Almost immediately I felt my sinuses open and I could breath. My sinuses were open for close to a week after the massage. My shoulders were relaxed and pain free.

I try to see Jackie as much as I can.

David Cohen